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Portable Carbon Dioxide Instrument

Model pSENSE is a low cost flexible and easy to use hand-held, instrument designed to measure the carbon dioxide concentration and temperature in surrounding air. The large illuminated display presents the 2 values simultaneously.

Built-in data output (RS232) makes it simple to log data for longer time. Audible alarm is included . Max/Min Average as well as TWA and STEL measurements are also available.

The carbon dioxide sensor’s gold-plated infra-red waveguide and diffusion membrane filter provides you great reliability, accuracy and long term stability.


• State-of-the-art non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology to measure carbon dioxide gas in parts-per-million (ppm)

• Data output RS232

• Displays the current carbon dioxide temperature on a large LCD

• Internal automatic self diagnostics

• Displays TWA (8hours) STEL (15 minutes) Min, Max and average values

• Internal automatic self-diagnostic function

• Audible alarm

• Easy to calibrate


• With a battery capacity covering more than 24 hours, the instrument works perfectly for diagnosing ventilation using carbon dioxide as the surrogate ventilation index.

• The instrument works perfect for measuring the indoor air quality parameters CO2. Temp and Carbon dioxide has been acknowledged as a good indicator that adequate "fresh" outside air is being supplied to the occupants for acceptable indoor air quality. Adequate ventilation reduces temporary sickness, downtime and lost productivity.

• The pSENSE is also ideal for measuring carbon dioxide concentration in incubators, greenhouses, mushroom farms, etc., where correct levels are essential for the process outcome.

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