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Compact Dew Point Temperature Transmitter / Switch

The exact monitoring of dew point temperature in compressed air systems, dryers for plastic and other industrial processes is becoming increasingly more important.

EE371 series with a measuring range -80…60°C Td (-112…140°F Td) and EE372 series with a measuring range -40…60°C Td (-40…140°F) are the ideal solution for such applications. The core of the transmitter is the monolithic measurement cell type HMC01, developed by E+E Elektronik in thin-film technology.

An autocalibration procedure which is integrated in the device and years of experience in low humidity adjustment make an accuracy of <2°C Td (±3.6°F Td) possible. The compact construction in a robust aluminium housing and the numerous options allow easy mounting and many application possibilities.

Autocalibr utocalibration

Dew point temperatures in the range of -60...-20°C (-76...-4°F) at room temperature correspond to relative humidity values of 0.08...5.37% RH. The measurement of these low humidity values is not possible with conventional capacitive measurement methods. For the EE371/EE372 series a special autocalibration procedure is utilized to achieve high accuracy measurements at lowest dew points too.


Model T : The transmitter has two freely selectable and scaleable outputs for dew point, frost point or ppm volume concentration.

Model S : The switch with two relay outputs is designed for control and alarm purposes. The status for early warning and main alarm is indicated by LED's. Adjustment of the Td/Tf set point and hysteresis can be achieved with the optional configuration software.

Configuration Software

The optional configuration software allows flexible and easy adjustment of the analogue resp. relay outputs to the respective requirements. The adjustment / calibration of the transmitters can easily be performed.

Typical Applications

• monitoring of compressed air systems

• refrigerant type dryer

• absorption dryer

• plastics dryer


• Measuring range -80...60°C Td (-112...140°F Td)

• accuracy of measurement ±2°C Td (±3.6°F Td)

• two Td/Tf alarm outputs

• autocalibration

• pressure tight up to 100 bar (1450psi)

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