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DC-EC Series – General purpose DC LVDT

• High level ±10VDC output

• Stroke ranges from ±0.05 to ±10in

• 0.25% linearity

• Reverse polarity protection

• Double magnetic shielding

• Stainless steel housing

• Imperial or metric threaded core


The DC-EC Series DC operated LVDTs combine a computer-designed AC LVDT with custom integral signal conditioning to achieve premium performance. Operating on a nominal ±15VDC supply, the DC-EC Series delivers an extremely linear, low noise, yet high frequency response ±10VDC output.

Innovative design and manufacturing techniques further enhance the DC-EC performance and cost efficiency. The micro-miniature components employed were meticulously selected for maximum stability and thermal performance. Vacuum encapsulation of all elements affords excellent shock and vibration tolerance, while double magnetic shielding provides the utmost protection from stray fields

Like in most of our LVDTs, the DC-EC windings are vacuum impregnated with a specially formulated, high temperature, flexible resin, and the coil assembly is potted inside its housing with a two-component epoxy. This provides excellent protection against hostile environments such as high humidity, vibration and shock.

Available in a variety of stroke ranges from ±0.05 to ±10 inches, the DC-EC Series can be configured with a number of standard options including metric threaded core, guided core and small diameter/low mass core.

Captive core option: The DC-EC features an optional captive core design (available for most models) that greatly simplifies installation. The core rod and bearing assembly includes a Bronze bearing on the front end for self-alignment, while a PTFE sleeve allows low-friction travel through the stainless steel boreliner (spool tube). The core rod and the bearing assembly are both field serviceable.


• Bi-polar DC operation

• Shock and vibration tolerant

• Captive core option (available on select models)

• AISI 400 Series stainless steel housing

• CE compliant

• Calibration certificate supplied with each unit


• Materials testing

• Z-axis position feedback for punch-presses

• Microscope X-Y stage position control

• Medical imaging

• Automotive suspension testing

• Flight simulators

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