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Series A1

Digital Differential Pressure Gauge

The series A1 is a patent pending microprocessor based digital pressure gauge for positive, negative, and differential measurement designed to be a direct replacement for mechanical gauges. The Series A1 utilize an extremely stable piezoresistive sensing technology to give a standard full scale accuracy of 1%. For applications requiring better accuracy, the A1 is also available with 0.5% accuracy. The A1 also has an optional 4-20 mA output for applications requiring an output signal. The A1 featuresabright½”LED display, which gives the gauge improved readability and precision. The A1 also features 5 user selectable engineering units including in. w.c., mm w.c., cm w.c., kPa and Pa. The Series A1 offers an improved look and performance compare to mechanical gauges for a similar price.


• Mounts in Industry Standard Holes

• Universal Power 16 – 265 VAC / VDC

• Accuracy 1% (better available)

• Large 0.5” LED Display

• Weatherproof Face

• 5 selectable engineering units

• Opti Link™

• Optional 4-20 mA output


• Filter Status

• Duct Static Pressure

• Clean Room Pressure

• Building Pressure

• Fan and Blower Pressure

• Paint Booths

• Dust Collectors

• Glove Box Pressure

• Bubbler Systems

• Laminar Flow Hoods

• Cabinet Purging

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