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Series A3

Digital Differential Pressure Gauge

The series A3 is a patent pending microprocessor based controller for positive, negative and differential pressure as well as velocity and flow. The Series A3 includes (2) 8A SPDT relays and an associated software package that allows full configuration of variables such as setpoints, dead band, engineering units, flow coefficients, and more. The programming is done from a user friendly menu on the LCD display or uploaded using an OptiLink™ programming key. The LCD also displays the exact setpoints or other user defined variables during normal operation. Furthermore, the menu structure can be customized by moving variables to different menu levels to accommodate many applications. Compared to other mechanical products, the Series A3 has a significantly reduced depth, an improved look and better performance at a lower price.


• Mounts in Industry Standard Holes

• 1.6” Panel Depth

• Universal Power 16 – 265 VAC / VDC

• (2) 8 Amp SPDT Relays

• Accuracy 1% (better available)

• LCD Program Display

• Large 0.5” LED Display

• LED Process Arch

• Weatherproof Face

• Measures Flow & Velocity

• 15 selectable Units

• Opti Link™

• Optional 4-20 mA output


• Dust Collectors

• Laminar Flow Hoods

• Clean Rooms

• Blower Pressure

• Duct Static Pressure

• Glove Box Pressure

• Bubbler Systems

• Cabinet Purging

• Velocity & Flow

• Industrial Ovens

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