Diff Pressure Transmitters & Gauges - Series 211 Manufacturers & Suppliers

Low-Cost Differential Pressure Transmitter

The Series 211 Differential Pressure Transmitter can accurately measure positive, negative, or differential pressure and send the corresponding 4-20 mA output signal. The Series 211 is not position sensitive and can be mounted in any orientation without compromising accuracy. It also features a power LED, so you always know when the transmitter is operating. The compact, lightweight design makes installation simple and easy.


• Compact Design

• 0.25% Accuracy

• Compact Design

• LED Power Indication

• 2-Wire Design

• 4-20 mA output


• Filter Status

• Duct Static Pressure

• Fan and Blower Pressure

• Paint Booths

• Dust Collectors

• Glove Box Pressure

• Bubbler Systems

• Cabinet Purging

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