Diff Pressure Transmitters & Gauges - Series 251 Manufacturers & Suppliers

Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter

• 0.25% Accuracy

• 316 SS construction

• 1000 PSI working pressure

• 5:1 Turn down

• Adjustable signal dampening

The Series 251 wet/wet differential pressure transmitter utilizes a double diaphragm sensor technology that outperforms standard double sensor products in accuracy, reliability and static operating pressure. This differential pressure sensing technology offers 0.25% accuracy with static operating pressures up to 1000 PSI. The Series 251 features 316 stainless steel construction designed to meet NEMA 4X (IP 65) standards. The transmitter also offers exceptional field flexibility with a 5:1 turn down and comes standard with a certificate of calibration.

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