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AngleStar® DP-45 Digital Protractor

• Digital display of angle in degrees

• Battery powered

• Alternate reference (floating zero)

• Display "Hold" function

• High impact plastic frame

• Soft carrying case


The AngleStar® DP-45 Digital Protractor is a handheld, portable angle measurement instrument. Consisting of a rugged electronic sensor, custom circuitry and liquid crystal display, this easy-to-use device provides instant digital display of the angle, eliminating the interpretation errors associated with bubble levels and mechanical protractors.

The frame of the DP-45 is made from a high impact plastic with a 'V' groove profile, making it ideal for measuring both flat and curved surfaces. The 'Alternate Reference' function allows the DP-45 to be 'zeroed' at any angle within the measurement range, enabling the measurement of compound angles. Other features include display hold, low battery warning and over-range indication.


• Easy to read LCD digital display

• Alternate reference (floating zero)

• 100 hour battery life

• 0° to +65° F operating range


• Driveshaft maintenance

• Antenna position

• Race cars

• Machine tooling

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