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AngleStar® Protractor System (APS)

• Complete angle measurement system

• Battery or external powered

• Ranges: ±19.99°, ±45.0° and 0 to +90°

• Remote sensing up to 200 feet


The AngleStar® Protractor System (APS) is a ready to use, stand alone system for angle measurements. The system incorporates a special AccuStar I ratiometric electronic clinometer, a digital LCD display and a four foot interconnecting cable (cable lengths up to 200 feet are available, consult factory for details).

This system will operate for 1,000 hours on one 9 volt battery (not included), or may be powered from an external power source between +9 and +15 VDC, drawing minimal current. The display may be mounted up to 200 feet from the sensor for remote sensing applications such as drilling equipment or tower crane overload protection.

There are three systems to choose from; ±19.99 degrees with 0.01 degree resolution, ±45° or 0-90°, both having 0.1 degree resolution.


• Separate sensor and display

• Remote sensing up to 200 feet

• External power jack

• 1,000 hour battery life

• Integral easel stand for readout


• Crane safety systems

• Crawler drill mast angle

• Antenna positioning

• Machine tool angle

• Platform leveling/monitoring

• Audio speaker array alignment

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