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LBB Ultra-Precision Gage Heads

• 0.000004 inch [0.1μm] repeatability

• ±0.02 to ±0.2 inch [±0.5 to ±5mm] ranges

• Replaceable tungsten carbide contact tip

• Double shielded LVDT

• Flexible cable, resistant to chemicals

• Fluoroelastomer boot (Model dependant)

• Selection of optional electrical connectors


The Linear Ball Bearing (LBB) Ultra-Precision gage heads are dimensional gaging probes engineered for highly precise and repeatable measurements in quality control and metrology applications. The linear ball bearing system within the gaging probe reduces radial play to a minute level and minimizes friction for ultra-precise measurement.

The bearing assembly utilizes two circumferential rows of miniature balls. The balls ride on a non-rotating plunger. The plunger is hardened to Rockwell 65, hard-chrome plated and precision ground for optimal repeatability and resistance to brinelling. The contact end of the plunger has a removable tungsten carbide ball tip. Plunger and bearings are enclosed in a cylindrical housing, hand-honed and fit to the ball bearing assembly. Precision fitting provides for exceptional repeatability. With the bearings and housing matched in hardness, the plungers can better tolerate side loads for a longer life cycle.

A Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) is contained in the opposite end of the tubular housing. With no physical contact between its core and coils, the LVDT produces a highly repeatable output voltage proportional to displacement.

LBB gage heads feature a unique two-piece construction and are reparable should either probe structure or cables become damaged. A bend relief spring (on selected models) protects the cable at its exit. Positive mechanical stops prevent damage to the LVDT from impacts at the end of the contact tip in cases of over-stroke.

Spring-extend LBB gage heads feature user adjustable pre-travel/over-travel settings. Air-extend, spring-retract units require dry, oil-free air at 5 to 15PSI [0.34 to 1bar]; by varying air pressure, users can control the gaging force to ensure that the probes do not damage finely finished surfaces or distort delicate parts.


• 0.000004″ (0.10μm) repeatability

• Housing diameter options: Smooth 0.315″ [8mm] & 3/8″ [9.5mm], or threaded 3/8″-40 UNS-2A

• Four electrical connector options (cable end)

• Optional contact tips (4-48 UNF-2A threads only)

• Adapter provided for radial cable exit (Selected models)

• Compatible with all our signal conditioners

• Calibration report supplied with each unit


• Online inspection of automotive parts

• Process feedback for numerically controlled machine tools

• Dimensional inspection of precision parts

• Point-of-manufacture status of production process standards

• Automated data collection for factory SPC

• Robotics

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