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The Ultimate in Handheld Portable Design

Product Overview

Process Sensor’s new HHRF handheld moisture sensor is a pure dielectric RF moisture gauge, using enhanced phase lock referencing on the generated frequency to measure shift in resonant frequency due solely to changes in moisture throughout the sampling volume. The measurement is not influenced by ionic strength

The ultimate in portable design. With an easy to grip handle, the HHRF is light weight and simple to maneuver. HHRF feature a choice of highly visible display modes - numerical or graphical and also incorporates ten (10) user programmable calibrations for current and future needs. Measurement modes include: free run. time average, plus a pre-zero function and gauge standardisation

Operation is simple, using a touch membrane with seven keys. The user selects the function required and pushed the up/down keys to edit calibration variables.

The HHRF's robust IP65/NEMA4 enclosure and its extended battery life promote longevity and practicality with up to six hours of use between charges. A USB interface is provided for download of stored measurements.


Extended operational life between recharges via:

• Auto power down

• Efficient signal processing

• Low energy use display

• Minimal recharge time of 1 hour

• Light weight ergonomic design

• Enhanced Phase Lock Referencing

• 10 User Programmable calibrations

• Pre Zero and Gauge Standardisation Functions

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