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Multifunctional Hand-Held

The robust multi functional hand-held meets the highest requirements and comes with a wide range of accurate probes that fit various applications. Use touch-screen navigation to show, up to three measurement values simultaneously on the capacitive TFT display.

Data-Logging & Data-Management

The Omniport 30 offers both continuous and single-point datalogging. The measurement values of up to three channels are stored simultaneously, together with a time and date stamp, in the internal memory of the device.

Stored measurement data, as well as the minimum, maximum, average and standard deviation values can be shown directly on the display. Scroll through a recorded measurement and switch between graphs by using the control cross.

Data management is easy and intuitive by using the free SmartGraph3 software to create graphs that contain measurement channels of interest for better data analysis. Data can be exported in .csv format and then imported into EXCEL for further processing.


• Data logging

• Internal memory for 2 million measured values

• 23 physical quantities

• Capacitive TFT touch screen

• Displays measurands simultaneously

• Real-time HOLD / MIN / MAX / AVG readout

• Integrated air pressure sensor

• User friendly operation

• Free data management software

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