High End Industrial Air Velocity Transmitters - ZS25 Manufacturers & Suppliers

Flow measurement with sensors ZS25 at working temperatures up to +500°C optional with integrated and configurable transducer UFA


• low starting value

• large measuring range span

• maximum fatigue strength thanks to vane wheel which is easy on the bearings

• corrosion resistant

• sterilisable

• high working temperature and pressure ranges

• operates to a large extent irrespective of density and composition of the gas

• low pressure drop

• easy adjustment to process parameter

Range and examples of application

• flow rate measuring, e.g. of air, exhaust gas, process gas

• monitoring laminar flow

• monitoring flow in pharmaceutic works

Humidity in the gas

• relative gas humidity of less than 100% does not affect the measurement uncertainty


• insertion probe with AS80 housing


• air, gas mixtures and clean gases

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