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Industrial Transmitter for Dew Point Measurement

Exact dew point monitoring is increasingly playing a more important role in many industrial applications, such as drying processes, air pressure pipelines, etc. For these purposes the multifunctional EE35 Series offers the ideal features.

The EE35 Series is based on a functional, user-friendly housing concept and on the proven polymer humidity sensors of the HC Series. A specially developed autocalibration process enables measurements in a measurement range of -60...60°C Td (-76...140°F Td), with a Td measurement accuracy of ±2°C (±3.6°F).

Two freely configurable and scaleable analogue outputs are available for the two measurement values (Td, T). An optional hygrostat output, which can be set by means of a potentiometer, provides an alarm signal in a simple way when a threshold of the permitted dew point is exceeded. An optional display for the measurement values and the associated MIN/MAX values allows a quick overview of the current situation.


<• industrial processes

<• monitoring of air pressure pipelines

<• warehouses

<• drying processes

<• paper industries

<• chemical industries


• measuring range -60…60°C Td (-76…140°F Td)

• accuracy of measurement ±2°C Td (±3.6°F Td)

• traceable calibration

• alarm output for dew point

• autocalibration

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