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Intrinsically Safe Humidity and Temperature Transmitters

Reliable Measurements under extreme conditions

• Measurement of relative humidity and temperature, optional output of dew point and other calculated parameters

• Safe operation in areas with explosion risk

• Intrinsically safe electrical construction

• No intrinsically safe power supply required

• Interchangeable stainless-steel probes

• Robust aluminium housing

The main advantages at a glance

The new HygroFlex5-EX series is the latest development in two-channel transmitters for exact measurement of humidity and temperature in explosive atmospheres. This measuring device conforms to the latest international standards.

The HF5-EX series consists of a robust aluminium transmitter with or without display. The attached probes are cast into a stainless-steel tube and are certified for operation in Zone 0/20. The transmitter itself is certified for Zone 1/21. The intelligent design of the circuitry with electrical isolation permits the measuring system to be operated without an intrinsically safe power supply.

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