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The Universal Industrial Transmitter

Based on the AirChip 3000 Digital Technology
Innovation in Humidity and Temperature Measurement

• Highest accuracy at 0.8%rh and 0.1°C

• Outstanding long-term stability and chemical resistance

• Widest Temperature measuring range at -100…200°C

• Two Interchangeable HygroClip digital or analog probe inputs

• 10,000 point data logging with time stamp and battery back-up

• Up to 4 programmable Analog Outputs available

• Digital Output Options

• Multiple Alarm Relays

• Audible and Visual Alarms

• Galvanically Isolated power supply

Hygroflex8 Advantages At A Glance

Problem-free, accurate humidity measurement results from the most stable sensor in the industry combined with our unique HygroClip® digital probe technology, designed to practically eliminate any maintenance downtime. When it is time for a scheduled calibration 'hot swap' in seconds with a calibrated probe without loss of measurement accuracy.

HygroFlex8 transmitters provide superb precision and state-of-the-art functionality, taking humidity and temperature measurement to a whole new level of performance and reliability (0.8%rh and < 0.1°C accuracy).

Our Principles