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Two-Color Pyrometer Metis MQ11 and MQ22

Two-Color- or Ratio- Pyrometers are typical names for pyrometers which measure temperatures from the ratio of radiation signals of two adjacent wavelengths as opposed to measuring the absolute intensity like single wavelength units do. The advantages for customers are the following:

• Gray bodies, i.e., targets with the same emissivity on both wavelengths, can be measured without emissivity setting.

• There is automatic compensation for dust, smoke or a dirty viewing window between pyrometer and target.

• Temperature errors are minimized if the target is too small or moving and the field of measurement can’t be completely covered.

Metis Two-Color Pyrometers have universal applications, which means that they can also be used as two-color pyrometers as well as single wavelength pyrometers. In single wavelength mode, customers have the choice of deriving the analog output signal from shorter or longer wavelengths, or both. Using digital communication these temperature measurement results can be recorded and compared, to determine quickly whether the target is a „gray body“ radiator or not.

Lenses and Fiber-Optic Cable

The infrared energy radiated by the target is transferred via focusable lenses either directly on the detector (standard version) or on one end of a fiber optic cable. For installations with limited space, there is a fixed-focus miniature version. This feature offers the advantage of measuring the smallest spot (focused) or the average temperature of a bigger spot (out of focus) for the particular distance. For applications with need for refocusing the lens during operation, a remote focusable optics is available. If additional windows are necessary, they must offer similar optical characteristics. Lenses are made of BK7 (quartz glass), an optical glass which is highly transparent within the spectral range of Metis MQ11

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