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PSC Small Smart Sensorfast

Precise noncontact temperature measurement from -40 to 600°C


• Precise non contact temperature measurement from -40 to 600°C

• Fast analog output (0/4 – 20 mA, 0 – 5/10 V) with smart real time data processing

• Instant digital 0/10 V output with a response time of 4 ms (50% signal)

• Continuous process monitoring with an unchoppered sensor system
Note: Conventional fast pyroelectrical infrared sensors with mechanical chopper see processes only part of the time

• Easy to assemble in multiple arrays for line scanning of small and fast objects (hot spot detection) using a RS485 bus communication

• Rugged up to 130°C ambient temperature without cooling

SSSfast - thermal oszilloscope software

• easy sensor setup and remote controlling

• automatic data logging for analysis and documentation

• graphic display of temperature trends

• adjustment of extended signal processing functions

• programming of analog and digital input for external emissivity and ambient temperature compensation

• programming of alarm output (head or object temperature)

• digital remote communication of up to 32 sensors in one network

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