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Model eSENSE™

Carbon dioxide transmitter

eSENSE™ is a new simple, low cost, state-ofthe-art, infrared and maintenance-free carbon dioxide transmitter for installation in the climate zone or in the ventilation duct.

eSENSE™ measures the carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air up to 2000 ppm and transforms the data into an analogue output.

eSENSE™ helps you save money by decreasing your energy consumption while creating a healthier indoor climate!


SenseAir´s patented state-of-the-art goldplated infrared (NDIR) waveguide technology offers reliable measurements

• Measurement range: 0 – 2 000 ppm CO2

• Two analogue outputs (not model –I):

• Internal automatic self-diagnostics.

• Maintenance-free in normal applications

• Cost-optimized for connection to DDC:s

• Prepared for complementary passive temperature element (model -Tr).

• Different housing options


• eSENSE™ is an extremely cost-optimized sensor solution for climate control of buildings and other processes.

• By controlling the ventilation based on actual demand, it helps you decrease your energy consumption and yet have a healthy indoor climate!

• The different housing options makes the eSENSE™ available to almost any application or environment for example in greenhouses, residential and commercial buildings.

• eSENSE™ -Tr is also prepared for quick mounting of a complementary passive temperature element, which can easily be done by the customer.

• eSENSE™ II has a new housing that fits directly on top of EU and US electrical junction box standards

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