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HCT IS Series

The HCT is a breakthrough position transmitter for use in hazardous locations. The two-wire loop configuration allows use with a single barrier and a minimum of wire or cable. True hermetic packaging of the coil assembly and electronics provides the maximum protection against adverse environments. A 4-20 mA transmitter output is the favored configuration for process industries and power plants. Six standard ranges are available from 0 to 0.25 inches (6.35 mm), to 0 to 10 inches (250 mm). Custom scaling is available for OEM requirements. Small quantities are generally available for same day/next day delivery.

New Captive Core Option

The HCT features a captive core design that greatly simplifies installation. The design utilizes a core rod and bearing assembly that is captured and guided within the LVDT providing low friction travel throughout the stroke length. The assembly incorporates two Delrin bearings on the core rod traveling through the stainless steel boreliner. A bronze bearing on the front end utilizes a selfaligning feature to accommodate lateral LVDT movement during operation, the core rod and bearing assembly is field replaceable.


• FM Approved

• Entity Approved - with appropriate barriers

• 4-20 mA, 2-wire operation

• Measurement ranges from 0.25” to 10.0”

• Self-Contained Electronics

• Hermetically Sealed Housing

• Nonlinearity: <0.5%, 1.0% Full Range

• Calibration Certificate Supplied with all models


• Valve Position Indication

• Outdoor use with Long Cable

• Controller Roller Gap in Rolling Mills

• Process Industries

• Ideal for Noisy Environments


• Metric Threaded Core

• Captive Core Option for Convenient Installation

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