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Standard Climate Probes


HAVC, food stores, health inspection agencies, warehouse mapping, building automation systems, paper, textile and pharmaceutical industries.


Handheld instruments, data loggers, transmitters, OEM systems


• Measures relative humidity, temperature and dew/frost point

• Saves up to 2,000 measurement pairs*

• Range of application 0…100%rh / -50…100°C

• UART interface and freely scalable analog signals 0…1 V

• Standard scaling 0…1 V = 0…100%rh / -40…60°C

• Probe with adjustment profile 'Standard' factory adjustment certificate

Order Code HC2-S HC2-SH HC2-S3 HC2-S3H
Type Standard probe Meteorology probe
Material Polycarbonate housing
Color Anthracite White
Adjustment At 23°C and 10,35,80%rh
Accuracy ±0.8%rh / ±0.1 K ±0.5%rh / ±0.1 K ±0.8%rh / ±0.1 K ±0.5%rh / ±0.1 K
Weight Approx. 10g
Filter Polyethylene filter included
Sensor Hgromer IN-1 Hgromer V-1
Response time 10 s (63% change) 3 s (63% change)
*Optional, requires HW4 software

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