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The moisture in oil hand-held OILPORT 30 measures water activity aw, temperature T and calculates the water content x (ppm) in different oils. Up to ten sets of oil specific parameters can be stored and managed in the device. These parameters are used for accurate water content calculation in a certain oil.

The simple and intuitive operation via TFT touch screen and the built-in data logging function make the OILPORT 30 hand-held the ideal tool for fast and reliable oil analysis.

The set comes in a practical carrying case for safe storage of the device, probe and accessories. The optional calibration kit is used for easy 1 and 2 point adjustment of the aw reading.


Monitoring of

• Transformer oil

• Lubrication oil

• Hydraulic oil

• Engine oil

• Diesel fuel


• Measurands: T, aw, x [ppm]

• Up to 10 sets of oil specific paramters

• Data logging function

• Internal memory for 2 million measured values

• Capacitive TFT touch screen

• 1/2-point customer adjustment for aw and T

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