Online Moisture Transmitter - MCT330 Manufacturers & Suppliers

Efficient, Compact, Economical, Versatile

The MCT330, comprising a sensor head and operator interface is economical in size, price and operating costs. Its fundamental function is to provide reliable operation and accurate data at high temperatures.

An economical, High Performance Transmitter

The MCT330 is designed for practically: facilitating installation due to its small footprint and coolant-free mode of operation under conditions of high ambient temperature and minimising running costs.


• High Temperature Functionality- No cooling required to 65°C

• Small Footprint- -25cm length

• Instantaneous online Measurement- Ensures timely corrective action through automated or manual process adjustment

• Two Constituent Measurement- Provides useful additional information for process control, without incurring additional installation and maintenance costs.

• Non Contact Measurement- Minimal cleaning and maintenance. Choice of outputs from OI. Analog, RS232 and RS485 & Optional Ethernet

• Simple and reliable operation- Adjustments, if required, are made using a minimal number of key strokes via the Intuitive Operator Interface or Viewer PC software

• Measurement Confidence- Robust measurement algorithms combined with dual beam single detector technology result in stolid measurement performance

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