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Tobacco Moisture Transmitter

Online NIR Transmitter for Continuous Real-Time Measurement and Control in Tobacco Processing

The Innovative New NOVA Series

The MCT460-T measures moisture, the most critical variable in a tobacco processing plant. The MCT460-T provides accurate, reliable and stable outputs for measurement and control. The MCT460-T can also be configured to continuously monitor tobacco temperature. Delivered pre-calibrated and with a comprehensive 2-year warranty. The MCT460-T is simple to install and may be used at any stage of tobacco processing.

Stand Alone MCT460-T Configuration

• Connects directly to PLC

• No Operator Interface required

• Powered at the MCT460 Transmitter

• All Analog Outputs Digital and Bus interfaces directly from the Transmitter

• 5.7” Operator Interface/Display (optional)

System MCT460-T Configuration

• Transmitter connect is to Operator Interface

• Transmitter powered from Operator Interface

• All Analog Outputs, Digital and Bus Interface from Operator Interface

• Large 5.7” high resolution Touchscreen

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