Pressure Sensors - 1200 series Manufacturers & Suppliers

PC Board Mountable Pressure Sensor Temperature Compensated 0 – 100mV Output Gage, Absolute, Differential Current/Voltage Excitation

1200 Series

The 1200 series is a temperature compensated, piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor packaged in a dual-in-line configuration.

Integral temperature compensation is provided over a wide temperature range using laser-trimmed resistors. An additional laser-trimmed resistor is included to normalize pressure sensitivity variations by programming the gain of an external differential amplifier.


• Medical Instruments

• Airspeed and Altitude Measurements

• Process Control

• Factory Automation

• Vacuum Measurement

• Handheld Calibrators

• Leak Detection

• Sleep Apnea

• Respirators/Ventilators

• Air Duct Flow


• Dual-in-Line Package

• 1.0% Interchangeable Span (provided by gain set resistor)

• Solid State Reliability

• Wide Compensated Temperature Range

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