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Low Pressure, Constant Current DIP
Low Pressure, Constant Voltage DIP

Low pressure transducer fully temperature compensated and calibrated dual-in-line package


The SM5650 Series of OEM pressure sensors are fully calibrated, temperature compensated low-pressure sensors in dual in-line packages for printed circuit board mounting. These sensors offer improved performance as well as the option for either constant current or constant voltage excitation. Higher pressure ranges are also available (See SM5611/SM5612 Datasheet), resulting in the broadest selection of standard pressure ranges in the industry.

The SM5600 Series pressure sensors are constructed by attaching a highly stable piezoresistive pressure sensor chip to a ceramic substrate. Thick film resistors on the ceramic are laser trimmed during manufacturing to provide zero offset calibration, temperature compensation for zero offset, and temperature compensation for sensitivity. In the Model SM5651, an additional resistor is trimmed to normalize the output of an external differential amplifier to provide span calibration when the sensor is driven by a constant current supply. In the Model SM5652, a constant voltage supply can be used and the normalized output span of each sensor can then be easily amplified.

The model SM5651 is designed for constant current excitation. The model SM5652 is designed for constant voltage excitation. Various electrical pin and pressure port configurations are available for flexibility in matching this product to specific applications.


• Medical equipment

• Respiration


• Level detection

• Flow measurement

• Industrial control

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