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Signal Conditioned Pressure Sensor


The Silicon Microstructrures SM5852 series of OEM pressure sensors combines state-of-the-art pressure sensor technology with CMOS mixed signal processing technology to produce an amplified, fully conditioned, multi-order pressure and temperature compensated sensor in a dual in-line package (DIP) configuration.

Combining the pressure sensor with a custom signal conditioning ASIC in a single package simplifies the use of advanced silicon micromachined pressure sensors. The pressure sensor can be mounted directly to a standrad printed circuit board and an amplified, high-level, calibrated pressure signal can be acuquired from the digital interface or analog output. This eliminates the need for additional circuitry, such as a compensation network or micro-controller containing a custom correction algorithm.

The SM5852 Series pressure sensor are based on SMI's highly stable, piezoresistive pressure sensor chips mounted on a ceramic substrate. The model SM5852 is designed for operating pressure ranges from 0.3 PSI (2.1 kPa) up to 1.5 PSI (10.3 kPa).


• Fully Amplified, pressure calibrated and temperature compensated in a single package

• Both analog and digital pressure output with access to temperature signal-conditioned digital analog and digital pressure output

• Available for differential, gauge & single-ended applications

• 2nd Generation Ceramic package and tubes for high reliability

• Rugged and highly stable ceramic package

• Multiple pressure ranges available to measure pressure from 0.3 PSI (2.1kPa) up to 1.5 PSI(10.3kPa)

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