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P900 Series

Premium Performance Strain Gauge

Schaevitz® P900 Series Strain Gauge Pressure Transducers are premium grade sensors that provide highly precise measurement of absolute, vented gauge, or sealed gauge pressures over wide temperature ranges.

Standard versions of this transducer use a 17-4 pH stainless steel diaphragm to sense pressure (Inconel versions are available for operation in highly corrosive environments). The deflection of the diaphragm is transferred to a double cantilever beam by a force transfer rod. Strain in the beam, and therefore, input pressure is measured by four foil strain gauges.

An all-welded construction provides high reliability and stability. Capable of sensing extremely small changes of applied pressure, the transducers are relatively insensitive to vibration, attitude, and shock.

The P900 Series Pressure Sensors are available in a range of electrical inputs and outputs. Zero and span potentiometers are available as a special option with the P940, P950, P960, and P990 models. Non-standard pressure ranges are available in all models of the P900 Series.


• High overload capability

• Operation in high temperatures

• Shock and vibration resistant

• 2-wire, 4-20 mA option: Intrinsic safety approval to E Exia IIC T4 (Tamb=60°C) BASEEFA, CENELEC EN50-020


• Hydraulic pressure monitoring

• Torpedo depth sensing

• Vehicle brake system monitoring

• Military and commercial aircraft

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