Process Sensors - PSC-90-96 Manufacturers & Suppliers

High Performance, Hand-held Digital Infrared Thermometer

• Sharp adjustable focus with precision optics

• High accuracy/repeatability

• Measures wide temperature range 1112°F to 5432°F (600° to 3000°C)

• Read temperature in viewfinder or on large LCD display

• Communication software (optional)

• Data logging up to 1000 temperature readings

• Built-in close focus lens attachments for ultra small spots

The PSC-90 Series is a versatile non-contact, portable digital infrared thermometer for accurate measurement and data logging of surface temperature. It can also be mounted on a tripod for short-term monitoring.

The PSC-90 Series offers a wide temperature measuring range of 1112°F to 5432°F (600°C to 3000°C) and features a digital display of the measured temperature in both the viewfinder and on an LCD display on the back of the instrument. With the provided RS-232C Serial port the stored data is easily transmitted to a personal computer.

Real time, peak, average and valley measurement modes are easily selectable and a maximum of 1000 data points can be stored either manually on demand or at programmed intervals. The analysis of the temperature data can be executed easily with the optionally available PSC-VXH2E Windows compatible software.

Other functions of the PSC-90 Series are audible and visual alarms for high/low temperature, auto power off, battery check and user calibration.

A variety of optional close focus lenses are available for measuring distances of 4” (100mm) to 21” (540mm) with a minimum measuring diameter of 0.04” (1.0mm).

An optional analog output of 0 to 1VDC, is also available.


• Steel/Foundry

• Ceramics

• Molten Glass

• Graphite

• Composites

• Semiconductors

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