Process Sensors - PSC-IRVT-1000/1600 Manufacturers & Suppliers

Professional Infrared Video Thermometers with TFT color LCD display & Imager Video format


• Plant/General Maintenance

• Electrical


• Bulk Material Conveyors

• Paper Production

• Wood, Gypsum, Brick

• Textiles

• Rubber, Powders

PSC-IRVT-1000 and PSC-IRVT-1600 PSC-IRVT-1600 are a new series of economically priced, excellent value non-contact infrared video cameras for fast, easy and accurate temperature measurement.

Equipped with a 2.2” TFT color LCD display, a high capacity micro SD memory card and choice of two temperature ranges -50°C to 1000°C (-58°F to 1832°F) and -50°C to 1600°C (-58°F to 2912°F), the PSC-IRVT Series provides fast, easy and accurate temperature readings while capturing JPEG images or videos for viewing and analysis on your PC.

The lightweight modern housing with protective lens cover features built-in dual laser pointers for increased target accuracy and all video recording and playback features are easily accessed with the touch of a button. The operator may set HI and LO alarm points, customize settings by choosing from fi ve languages, and has the option to measure humidity and ambient air temperature as well.


• Steel/Foundry

• Ceramics

• Molten Glass

• Graphite

• Composites

• Semiconductors

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