RVIT Inductive Sensors - RVIT-Z Series Manufacturers & Suppliers

RVIT-Z Series – OEM Rotary Position Sensors

• OEM low cost custom designs

• Absolute rotary position sensing

• Non-contact technology

• Infinite angular cycle life

• ±60 degree linear sensing range

• Unipolar or bipolar VDC operation

• PWM output available

• Form factor flexibility

• Remote sensing capability


The RVIT-Z Series from Measurement Specialties Inc. are flat, non-contact, angular displacement sensors, specifically designed to meet the unique physical and electrical requirements of each individual OEM application. The final product is optimized to provide maximum performance at the lowest possible installed cost.

The unique design of the RVIT-Z incorporates our proprietary RVIT (Rotary Variable Inductive Transducer) technology and the signal conditioning circuitry on a single printed circuit board. The RVIT-Z provides an ultra low profile, high accuracy, and infinite resolution solution for rotary and angular measurements in OEM applications. The absence of wipers, brushes, slip rings or magnetic materials eliminates wear, static friction, hysteresis and electrical noise while providing a very low rotor moment of inertia.

Capable of absolute rotary measurement over ±60 degrees and extended operation up to ±75 degrees (with increased non-linearity), the RVIT-Z provides unsurpassed performance over an extended operating temperature range. Factory calibration and automated testing assures a non-linearity of less than ±0.5% of full range (±60 degrees). The RVIT-Z provides a high degree of design flexibility for optimum integration into customer applications. Where remote sensing is required, the RVIT-Z can be tailored allowing the rotary sensing element to remain separated from the electronic circuitry by as much as 12 inches.


• ±75 degree total sensing range

• Numerous input and output configurations

• Remote sensing up to 12” away

• Very low rotor moment of inertia

• Extremely light weight

• Low profile design

• Easy integration into applications

• Lowest installed cost


• Rotary valve position

• Pump swash plate controls

• Robotics

• Pedal/Throttle position

• HVAC vane position control

• Transmission position switch

• Medical equipment

• Mail sorting machines

• Joysticks

• Viscometers

• ATM money dispensing systems

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