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ATA-2001 – Analog LVDT/RVDT Signal Conditioner with digital calibration

• 115 or 220 VAC line powered

• Microprocessor controlled calibration

• Superior digital filtering

• Selectable excitation frequencies & amplitudes

• Voltage and current outputs

• 250 to 1000Hz selectable frequency response

• Auto fall-back synchronization

• Splash-proof front panel with status LEDs

• 1/8 DIN standard panel mounting


The ATA-2001 is a general purpose, AC line-powered, LVDT/RVDT analog conditioner with digital setup and calibration. The embedded microprocessor generates a PWM-shaped sine wave and handles all calibration functions. It also controls the demodulation, filtration and synchronization of the LVDT or RVDT transducer signal. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory for restoration on power up. Zero, Gain and Phase adjustments are accomplished via the use of splash-proof front panel pushbuttons and digital voltage dividers. Intended for the most demanding industrial applications, the ATA 2001 is CE certified, and has been rigorously tested to the highest industrial standards for EMI, RFI and ESD.

Designed for universal compatibility with 4, 5 and 6 electrical connection transducers, the ATA-2001 provides a wide range of oscillator frequencies, gains and two excitation voltages, affording maximum interface versatility. The very high drive current of 45mA allows operation with transducer input impedances as low as 12 Ohms (with 0.5 VRMS excitation). With high gain capability and low noise, the ATA 2001 provides measurement resolutions beyond any product currently available.

The unique auto fall-back synchronization feature allows reliable master/slave operation, for prevention of amplifier cross talk, without the worry of sync signal loss. If the internal processor in a slave amplifier detects an unstable or missing sync signal, the internal clock will take over, continuing at the pre-selected nominal frequency. Upon restoration of a normal sync pulse, the oscillator will return to the slave mode.

The ATA 2001 is contained within a rugged, one-piece, extruded aluminum housing which provides optimal amplifier performance under the most rigorous EMI and RFI conditions. An integral panel mounting system provides for convenient 1/8 DIN standard, panel installation. A pre-punched 19” rack adapter is also available to accommodate up to eight amplifiers per adapter installation.


• Microprocessor controlled & non-volatile memory

• Phase shift compensation

• Auto fall-back synchronization

• Rugged extruded aluminum housing


• Power-gen turbine control

• Head box slice lip position control

• Roller gap position feedback

• Precision metrology labs


• Metric Threaded Core

• Captive Core Option for Convenient Installation

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