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LiM-420 – Current Output, LVDT/RVDT OEM Signal Transmitter

• Low cost OEM 4-20mA (3-wire) transmitter

• Very compact, open PC board design

• DIP switch selectable coarse gain

• Zero and span adjustment potentiometers

• 18 to 30VDC supply voltage -25% to +85%C operating temperature range

• Card-edge or barrier strip connections

• Works with very low input impedance LVDTs and RVDTs


The LiM-420 is an LVDT/RVDT signal conditioning transmitter specifically designed for the OEM marketplace. Operating on an 18 to 30VDC unipolar supply voltage, the LiM-420 delivers a low noise 4 to 20mA output signal. Compatible with many 5 and 6 electrical connection LVDT and RVDT transducers (see specifications), this compact transmitter provides excellent performance on a budget. A generous excitation drive current of 20mA, allowing operation with transducer input impedances as low as 175 Ohms.

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• Low cost/high performance

• Wide operating temperature range

• Six selectable gain ranges

• 20-turn zero & gain adjustment potentiometers

• Threaded standoffs for panel/box mounting


• Valve position feedback

• Roller gap sensing

• Paper head box position

• Coater knife gap

• Materials testing machines

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