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PML-1000 – LVDT/RVDT Panel Meter

• Large 5 digit LED display

• AC line or AC/DC low voltage powered

• 0-10VDC and 4-20ma outputs (user selectable)

• RS422/485 communications (optional)

• Selectable excitation voltage & frequency

• Easy 'Fast-Cal' calibration feature

• Min, Max, Average, Zero, Tare & Hold functions

• 2 programmable logic inputs for remote control

• 2 programmable function keys

• 1/8th DIN standard panel mounting


The PML-1000 is an AC line powered LVDT/RVDT panel meter featuring multiple software functions. Ideal for industrial and test applications, it features a large, easy to read 5 digit variable brightness LED display. For control applications, it has an isolated 0-10 VDC, 0-20mA or 4-20mA scaleable output. A buffered, un-scaled, high speed 125Hz analog output is also available, for highly dynamic applications requiring the fastest response. An optional Serial (2 or 4 wire) RS422/485 communications interface is also available to allow connection to data loggers, PLCs and computers. With a user-selectable transducer excitation of 1 or 3 VRMS, and 2.5 or 10 kHz, the PML-1000 is compatible with all standard Measurement Specialties LVDTs and RVDTs.

Calibration is quick and easy with the 'Fast-Cal' calibration feature. This routine automatically calibrates the indicator to any connected LVDT or RVDT type transducer. Simply connect the transducer to the PML 1000 and measure the output at two positions. The PML-1000 stores the two measured values and scales the output.

Two logic control inputs are provided to allow remote control of user pre-programmed functions such as 'Fast-Cal', tare, auto-zero, hold, display max, min, average, etc. The PML-1000 also features two user pre-programmed function keys (panel push-buttons) which can be assigned to a number of display functions for quick access. The PML-1000 meets European safety and EMC requirements for panel mounted equipment (CE certified).

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• ‘Fast-Cal’ automatic calibration

• Min, Max, Average, Zero and Hold functions

• Voltage and current outputs

• Remote RS-485 monitoring (optional)

• Low voltage operation (optional)


• Process monitoring

• Test stands/data collection

• Part classification

• Position monitoring

• Test & Measurement

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