Single Axis Tilt Sensor - Accustar IP-66 Series Manufacturers & Suppliers

AccuStar® IP-66 – 4 to 20mA Loop Powered Clinometer

• ±3° to ±45° sensing ranges

• IP-66 rated

• 4 to 20mA and analog outputs

• Zero and span adjustable

• -25° to +60°C temp range

• Rugged die-cast housing


The AccuStar® IP-66 is a 4 to 20mA loop powered clinometer specifically designed for industrial and outdoor applications. Rated to IP-66, the rugged die-cast, powder coated aluminum housing provides protection in the most hostile environments.

The heart of the system is our patented, capacitance-based tilt sensor with no moving parts. When rotated about its sensitive axis, this unique sensor provides an exceedingly linear variation in capacitance, which is then electronically converted into 4 to 20mA and VDC analog outputs proportional to the angular position.

The AccuStar® IP-66 may be operated as either a 2-wire loop powered angle transmitter, or a 4-wire analog output tilt sensor. Mounting features integrated into the die cast housing, make installation onto any vertical surface easy.


• Ranges from ±3° ±45°

• Rugged die-cast aluminum housing

• Dust and water tight to IP-66

• Current or voltage output

• 3m (10 ft.) long jacketed cable


• Crane safety systems

• Machine tool angle positioning

• Barge leveling and load distribution

• Medical vehicle leveling / mobile CT & MRI

• Mining equipment

• Solar array tracking systems

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