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DOG1 MEMS-Series Inclinometer

Range ±180° single axis Easy to use voltage output Supply voltage 8-30V High resolution

The single axis inclinometer is mainly developed for vehicle and tool position monitoring. A fast response time and good accuracy makes this device the ideal choice for mobile leveling applications. It features digital signal processing including temperature compensation. The integrated filter improves performance and allows a use of the sensor in many noisy environments (e.g. vibrations).


The inclinometer includes a powerful digital signal processing that offers various filter algorithms and allows customer specific adaptions. It is possible to adjust the sensor to different environments to yield an optimized performance.Customization can also be made in terms of angular range and connectivity, i.e cable and connector.

The main axis gives unique output over +/-180 (0..360) degrees while the other axis has to be keept in a +/-90° range.

The PA6.6 housing is very compact in size and has compression limiter bushings for safe installation of the sensor. In contrast to uncoated (casted) aluminum, PA6.6 is resistant to atmospheric attack. It is compatible with oil, grease and fuel also. Therefore it is frequently used for engine and vehicle applications.


• 8-30V supply voltage (5V on request)

• Up to +/-90 degree tolerance on 2nd axis

• Digital signal processing includes

→ filter (e.g. vibration damping)

→ temperature compensation

• 12 bit resolution

• High refresh rate

• &345;40°C to +85°C temperature range

• Accuracy typically better than

→ 0.2° at +25°C

→ 0.6° (-40°C to +85°C)


• Platform leveling

• Truck and off-road vehicle cabin or tool leveling

• Crane boom leveling

• Tilt alarm, e.g. digger

• Antenna leveling

• Inclination dependent engine control

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