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Inline Flowmeter for compressed air and gases DN15 (1/2”) – DN80 (3”)

The inline flow meter EE771/EE772, based on the measurement principle of thermal mass flow, is ideally suited for the measurement of flow in pipelines DN15 (1/2”) up to DN80 (3”). Measurement of for instance the usage of compressed air, nitrogen, CO2, oxygen, helium or other non-corrosive, non-flammable gasses.

The flowmeters are setting new standards in terms of measurement accuracy and reproducibility thanks to their applicationspecific adjustment during production. As such, the EE771/EE772 is adjusted under a pressure of 7 bar.

The unique mounting concept with a mounting valve permits rapid installation and removal of the device for periodical calibration. It simultaneously ensures high measurement accuracy through exact and reproducible positioning in the pipe.

The core design of the flow meter is based on the E+E hot film sensor element, which is produced using the most modern thin film technology. This flow sensor features excellent long-term stability, a fast response time and an extremely high degree of reliability.

Two outputs are available, for further processing of the measurement data. Depending on the application, these outputs can be configured as analogue (current or voltage), switch output or as pulse output for the measurement of the consumption.

Bus interface for Modbus RTU or M-Bus

Optionally, the flow meter is available with an additional bus interface for MODBUS RTU or M-BUS (Meter-Bus).

Configuration software

The flowmeter can be configured conveniently, to meet the requirements of the application with the standard configuration software and the integrated USB interface.

Functionality of the software:

• Configuration of the output (scale / set point)

• 2-point user calibration for flow and temperature

• Readout of the counter values

• Reset of min / max values and counter

• Indication of the measurement value


• high accuracy ±1.5% of reading

• exceptional reproducibility

• quick sensor exchange at line pressure

• broad working range of 1 : 400

• very service friendly

• Bus interface for Modbus RTU or M-Bus


• Measurement of consumption of compressed air

• Compressed air counter

• Mass flow measurement of industrial gases

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