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Insertion Flowmeter for compressed air and gases DN50 – DN700 (2” – 28”)

The EE776 flow meter is based on the thermal mass flow measurement and is ideal for measuring the flow of compressed air and gases in pipes from DN50 (2”) to DN700 (28”). With the EE776, the consumption of compressed air, nitrogen, CO2 or other non-corrosive and non-flammable gases can be measured up to a pressure of 16 bar (232 PSI), for example.

Patented non-return protection for secure mounting

The EE776 flow meter set new standards in terms of safety and easy assembly. The patented non-return protection combines three functions in one device:

Non-return protection

The sensor can only be pushed in one direction during installation. The sensor cannot return at all, even if it is released.


By means of an encapsulated O-ring, no compressed air can escape under pressure during assembly

Precise positioning

The precise positioning with respect to immersion depth and orientation is easy to perform, guaranteeing accurate measurement results.

The high measurement accuracy of 1.5% from reading results from the application-oriented factory adjustments, which are undertaken at 9 bar (130 PSI) pressure. For optimum adaptation to different measurement tasks, you can choose between two measuring ranges 0.2...100 Nm/s (40...19685 SFPM) or 0.2...200 Nm/s (40...39370 SFPM) and three different probe lengths with a maximum immersion depth of 165 mm (6.5”) / 315 mm (12.4”) / 465 mm (18.3”). The inner diameter of the distribution pipe which is measured can be entered via the USB port and the included configuration software.

Two signal outputs are available to output the measured values. Depending on the application, these can be configured as an analogue output (current or voltage), switching output or pulse output for consumption measuring.

Bus interface for Modbus RTU or M-Bus

Optionally, the flow meter is available with an additional bus interface for MODBUS RTU or M-BUS (MeterBus).


• Measurement of consumption of compressed air

• Compressed air counter

• Mass flow measurement of industrial gases


• Non-return protection for secure mounting

• Assembly/disassembly under pressure without flow interruption

• easy and accurate positioning

• Pipe diameters DN50 (2”)to DN700 (28”)

• Pressure range up to 16 bar (232 PSI)

• Wide measuring range up to 200 Nm/s (39370 SFPM)

• Bus interface for Modbus RTU or M-Bus

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