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Wireless Data Logger for Humidity and Temperature Probes

• HygroClip 2 Probes for humidity and temperature measurement

• Wireless frequency: 433.92 or 915 MHz (USA) for optimized communication

• Highest possible measuring accuracy: ±0.8%RH and 0.1°C

• Outstanding repeatability

• Battery life up to 6 years

• Large storage capacity of up to 500,000 measured values

• Transmission distance up to 300 meters

• With USB or Ethernet receiver

The main advantages at a glance

The wireless data loggers are suitable for a wide range of humidity and temperature monitoring tasks. Wireless transmission - possible over distances of up to 300 m - saves the user wiring costs and the data can be collected and recorded from inaccessible points quickly and easily. Thanks to the combination of wireless transmission and data logging, the greatest possible reliability against failure is insured. Up to 100 devices can be connected and configured via HW4 software using an Ethernet or an USB receiver.

The wireless data loggers are suitable for a wide range of monitoring tasks in meteorology, the food industry, building services equipment, museums, environmental and laboratory technology climate chambers, clean rooms research and development, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, logistics and the textile industry.

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